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Binary Options Brokers UK is a site dedicated to reviewing binary options brokers who operates from the UK or are offering binary options trading to U.K citizens.
Both FSA and non FSA regulated binary options were deeply examined by our analysts in order to provide an in depth review which covers aspects such as funds handling, payout rates, available trading features and other features. So if you are looking for a UK based Binary options broker or a UK trader looking for a respectable broker, you have came to the right place.

About the FSA the PRA and the FCA

The FCA stands for Financial Services Authority and it is a quasi-judicial body which operated as a regulator for the financial services industry in the UK up until it was abolished on April first 2013, Its responsibilities were devided between two new agencies, the Prudential Regulation Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority.

The UK Binary options trading arena is a place where large amount of money changes hands and in order to ensure fair trade international bodies have developed stringent regulations.

Advantages of trading with a regulated UK binary options brokers

UK regulated binary options brokers must meet the most stringent requirements.

Funds Safety

Client funds are deposited to a segregated account separated from the brokers accounts and funds are insured by the UK government. Every UK binary options broker must pass yearly tests and comply with strict rules at any time. Anyone who works for a regulated UK binary options brokers must be licensed and undergo special training according to the type of work they perform.


Binary Options Brokers Uk

Binary Options Brokers Uk

 False information

A regulated UK binary options broker will not publish false information under no circumstances and all advertisement, the web site, any newsletter and any document prepared by the broker must go through a formal approval of the supervisor.


All sites of the regulated UK binary options broker, without exception, are supervised and monitored on a weekly basis.
There are precise rules about what is allowed and what is forbidden to write and how to things must be presented.


Financial Statements

Financial Statements – UK regulated binary options brokers are committed to fulfill provide financial reports on a monthly basis including Income, cash flow, etc..
The uk binary options broker accounting audit must be approved by the regulator. UK binary options brokers must follow the  requirements regarding Anti-Money Laundering.


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